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Marucci Hex Alloy 2 58 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat - marucci-bb-msbahay10 - By Brand sku

Marucci Hex Alloy 2 58 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat - marucci-bb-msbahay10 by Marucci

Item description: This By Brand Marucci product is by Marucci - The HEX AZ4X alloy is the strongest alloy bat Marucci has to offer. For the advanced ballplayer; looking for a durable bat that will not only last game-after-game; but perform! The HEX alloy senior league baseball bat is the perfect option.The MSBAHAY10 is a one-piece; alloy design. The bat is composed of Marucci’s AZ4X alloy; which is the strongest alloy Marucci has available. Unlike some other bats on the market; the HEX alloy carries a ring-free design. Instead; Marucci has designed the barrel with a graded wall; increasing and decreasing in thickness throughout the barrel. This construction allows for a more responsive bat and larger sweet spot.The barrel for this bat is 25/8” in diameter and has a maximum length which varies by bat length. By extending the barrel; Marucci is able to extend the sweet spot for maximum performance to the limit of regulations. The MSBAHAY10 is evenly balanced and has a drop of (-10). This weight differential and distribution is perfect for a contact hitter looking for the most control; or a young power hitter just transitioning to a big barrel league.Finishing off the HEX alloy bat; the cupped endcap will maintain the balanced weight distribution and keep vibrations to a minimum. The handle is wrapped with a micro-perforated; cushioned grip. At the end; the knob is designed with the natural motion of the hand and wrists in mind. This ergonomic knob profile provides not just ultimate comfort; but control as well.Get out there and “BARREL UP” with the HEX alloy senior league baseball bat from Marucci.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Marucci

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Category: Marucci


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