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EvoShield Fastpitch Shin Protector - evo-ba-2144401 - By Brand sku

EvoShield Fastpitch Shin Protector - evo-ba-2144401 by Evoshield

Item description: This By Brand Evoshield product is by Evoshield - Disperses impact and protects better than traditional foam and plastic gear¼” Thin Shield Allows for Complete Comfort and FlexibilityCompression Sleeves hold shields in place; for protection at all timesShields are hand washable. Air dry.Sizing Chart:Large (6” in width and 9” in length)Medium (4.75” in width and 7.5” in length)Small (4” in width and 6.5” in length)Includes: Two (2) Custom-Molding Protective Shin Shields; Two (2) Compression Sleeves;and Gauze wrap for fitting... Learn More

Manufacturer: Evoshield

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Category: Evoshield


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