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Demarini WTDXVDZ Voodoo Raw -10 2 34 Senior League Baseball Bat - dem-bb-wtdxvdz-16 - By Brand sku

Demarini WTDXVDZ Voodoo Raw -10 2 34 Senior League Baseball Bat - dem-bb-wtdxvdz-16 by Demarini

Item description: This By Brand Demarini product is by Demarini - A seasonal favorite of baseball players everywhere; the DeMarini Voodoo series is back with the Voodoo Raw. The Voodoo Raw is designed for the power hitter looking to hit rockets all over the field—and; of course; over the fence. The two-piece Voodoo Raw combines a loaded barrel with a flexible; composite handle to provide players the performance; quality and durability necessary to succeed in the batter’s box at the highest level.The Voodoo Raw is a two-piece composite/alloy bat with an end-loaded weight distribution. The barrel is made from DeMarini’s innovative X12 Alloy. Hitters will feel a little extra weight toward the end of the X12 Alloy barrel; which will make the Voodoo Raw feel a little heavier than some of its contemporaries; such as the CF8 and the NVS Vexxum; however; the end-loadedness of the Voodoo Raw means there’s more power in the barrel to hit the ball harder and farther than ever before. The X12 Alloy barrel doesn’t require a break-in period; which means players can start hitting bombs right out of the wrapper.The stiff D-Fusion 2.0 composite handle dampens vibration to the hands; and also transmits energy upon contact to the X12 Alloy barrel; adding power and force exactly where the hitter needs it. The two-piece construction of the Voodoo Raw gives hitters extra whip when swinging; which intensifies swing speed and provides even more pop than ever before.The Low Pro end cap optimizes the balanced bat’s swing weight to guarantee that hitters will have a nice; even swing when bringing the bat through the strike zone; while the RCK knob gives hitters ultimate comfort for their bottom hand when choking down on the Voodoo Raw.The Voodoo Raw is a great choice for players looking for an end-loaded bat to drive any pitch to all fields with serious; raw power.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Demarini

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Category: Demarini


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