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Combat MAXYB112 Maxum YB -12 2 14 Youth Baseball Bat - combat-bb-maxyb112 - By Brand sku

Combat MAXYB112 Maxum YB -12 2 14 Youth Baseball Bat - combat-bb-maxyb112 by Combat

Item description: This By Brand Combat product is by Combat - Combat has set a new standard for composite bat manufacturing. By releasing their MAXUM line of baseball bats; Combat has pushed the limits and exceeded expectations. Using an exclusive construction to these bats; Combat has created a seamless barrel with no joints; seams or dead spots – providing players with an extremely consistent performing bat and one of the largest sweet spots on the market. The Combat MAXUM line of composite baseball bats is for the serious player looking for the most control and consistency at the plate. The MAXYB112 is a one-piece; fully composite baseball bat. Combat has used a specialized Precision Molding Technology (PMT) to create a single carbon sleeve for the bat. The PMT process involves injecting a proprietary liquid resin into the seamless carbon sleeve. By doing so; Combat has created a true; one-piece bat – instead of using layers of carbon composite on top of each other as some other manufacturers do – making it responsive and forgiving with an enlarged sweet spot. By using the PMT process; Combat is able to control the weight distribution for the bat; making it extremely balanced. With a 2 1/4” barrel and (-12) drop weight; the MAXYB112 is a great option for the player just getting into the youth baseball game. Finishing out the MAXUM MAXYB112; Combat has implemented a cupped endcap for ultimate balance and control. While they have also teamed up with Lizard Skins to wrap the handle with a tacky; thin Lizard Skins bat grip players have grown to love. Paired with a 500 day warranty; Combat is allowing its players to put this bat to the ultimate test and back it up for over a year of use. By combining the PMT process in a single sleeve; carbon composite bat and using the popular Lizard Skins bat wrap; Combat’s MAXUM MAXYB112 (-12) youth baseball bat provides both comfort and elite performance.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Combat

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Category: Combat


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